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Lisa Divittore Flowing Heart Reiki Reflexology Readings Celestial Background for About

Lisa DiVittore

> Usui Reiki Master / Teacher

> Reiki Voice Certified

> I.E.T. Master Instructor 

> Foot Reflexology Certified

> Angel Card Certified

> Angel Tarot Reading Certified

Flowing Heart Reiki Reflexology and Readings Lisa DiVittore Headshot with Glow

One Single Moment Can Change Everything

Unhappy and feeling stuck in her life, Lisa went to see a Reiki practitioner after some encouragement from a close friend. Her first experience was so deeply profound that it changed her life forever.

It's Easier to Help People When You've Been Where They Are

Lisa found a teacher and began learning everything she could about alternative healing and energy work. She flew through her courses and obtained all the certifications she would need to help other people. With a holistic education and the life experience of what Reiki can do, Lisa began to help her clients heal from trauma, depression, anxiety, and pain.

Lisa DiVittore with her Dog of Flowing Heart Reiki Reflexology and Readings Lifestyle Photography Outside

Tension is Eliminated with Grounding and Balance

Lisa's goal for every client is to help them find the most peaceful state within themselves. She helps them slow down their racing mind, relax their body, slow their breath, and lower their heart rate. All of these things work together to lower the levels of stress hormones in the body - which cause 90% of health issues.

Professional, Caring & Empathetic

Through every interaction, Lisa strives to maintain professionalism and warmth. She is caring, empathetic, and mindful of her client's wants and needs. 

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