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Flowing Heart Harrisburg PA Reflexology for Feet, Head, Hands, and Face


In addition to being relaxing, reflexology helps calm the organs and systems within the body by focusing on reflex points found on the feet, hands, face or scalp.

Testimonial for Flowing Heart Reiki Lisa DiVittore

From a Client:


Lisa is a genuine and caring person with pure intent, and it shows in her healing of others. It is obvious that she is highly trained and skilled at her craft, but I automatically felt safe from our very first meeting.

- Jill Reed | Harrisburg PA

Our Ultimate Session

60 Minute Reflexology


Ultimate reflexology provides all of the benefits of reflexology, but with the feel of a Spa Day. Your hour long session begins with a foot bath and brown-sugar foot scrub. Next, you'll kick back in a zero-gravity reclining chair, relax with hot towel foot wraps, and experience a free flowing reflex point investigation. - $80

Lisa DiVittore Certified Reflexologist Harrisburg PA Website Background

Other Services



A gentle, holistic, hands-on healing technique useful for stress management, deep relaxation, and personal growth.



When there are unanswered questions, angel and tarot readings can provide solace and comfort.

Dien Chan Zone

Facial Reflexology


Our Italian Facial Reflexology (Dien Chan Zone) session is is available live, or virtually on Zoom. You will be guided through this deeply healing, non-invasive technique that provides self-care with facial reflexology tailored to your unique needs. - $80

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