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Flowing Heart Harrisburg PA Tarot Readings Angel Card Readings Graphic of Tarot Angel Card


Angel tarot card readings can provide insight, comfort, or clarification when you have unanswered questions.

Our Sessions

Full Card Reading


Receive messages or guidance from your Angels about your
love life, your health, or your life path. $50

Mini Card Reading


Add a three angel tarot card reading onto any Reiki or reflexology service for only an additional $15 

Tarot Card Angel Readings in Harrisburg PA with Flowing Heart and Lisa DiVittore Angel Card Image for Website

From a Client:


An amazingly skilled woman, Lisa's reading was on point, and her intuition allowed her to interpret further truths.

- Lex | Harrisburg PA

Angel Tarot Card Readings Harrisburg PA by Lisa DiVittore Reiki Master

Other Services



A gentle, holistic, hands-on healing technique useful for stress management, deep relaxation, and personal growth.



Focusing on reflex points, reflexology can help calm organs and systems within the body for optimal function.

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